The Void

Emptiness is what remains when everything has been removed, when everything is gone.
Physically the absence of matter,
Internally the absence of the self, the immaterial part of human nature.

But how to understand emptiness since it is nothing?
How do you put words into what is not?

Only sensations, feelings arise and persist.
You are not completely there.
Absorbed in an abyss, in a limitless depth.
A perfect darkness that deprives.
Scary vastness.

An only exit :
Independence process.
The will to stop feeling, to be indifferent.
A spontaneous way to protect yourself from pain, nothing to worry about.

You detach yourself from all inner emotions.
For sad end : isolation.
Trigger element

The fulfillment was just an illusion.

After you recognize your state of being, you begin to reconnect with your emotions.
Yet there is no more penetrating pain than a direct confrontation with our emotional reality.

Desire to feel, to feel again.

You allow thoughts and feelings to enter your being.
This is how you embroider the void.